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Sophie Grace Industries is as versatile as the Lone Star State and we pride ourselves in achieving the highest standards of professionalism and quality. 



Sophie Grace began as a mechanical, electrical, and piping engineering design and build firm.  Because of our work ethic, design expertise, ability to complete projects on or ahead of schedule, and within budget, our clients began to request more out of us in the form of architectural and structural design to complement the MEP work we were doing for them.  This eventually led us to becoming a full service engineering-architecture,  consulting, and construction company.


Based on this demand from our clients we began to take on the architectural design and build aspects of our client’s projects along with the MEP portion.  From this humble  beginning Sophie Grace Industries has grown into a full service engineering & architectural design, and design-build firm while maintaining our core competency of Mechanical, Electrical and Piping (plumbing) design and design-build expertise.


This alignment of MEP with the architectural aspects of getting a structure designed and/or  built by our teams, allows us to have a more distinctive, holistic, comprehensive  view of putting a structure together from concept to commissioning.  


Our growing consulting services  are bringing a new view of the development, design, and construction of new projects as well as those of refurbishing  existing properties, or repurposing a property to raise it to its current highest and best use.  



In today’s growing economy the need for first class commercial space is greater than it has been in decades.  Sophie Grace’s teams are able to create world class commercial designs and construction services to bring your concept to market in a timely fashion.  As part of our consulting services we can also help with site selection, permitting, environmental issues, utilities services, 

Sophie Grace has been providing design and construction services to the federal, state and local governments for over 40 years.  The company’s designation  as a Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned business has opened up additional governmental markets for the company.  




Sophie Grace has a significant amount of experience in the health careindustry. The health care industry is growing and gaining in significance in our economy today due to an aging population, and the public’s growing awareness of the need for better health care practices and facilities.  The amazing advances in medical technology in detecting diseases and in treatments has brought the need for higher quality modern state of the  art facilities.  Whether new or upgraded Sophie Grace has been in the fore front of medical facility design.  Call us to learn how we can bring your current facilities up to the latest medial care standards.  Whether it is repurposing a space within an existing facility to handle a  new piece of equipment, or the design of a totally new facility call us now.  

With a growing economy,  and a more affluent population due to the expanding job market, getting away from it all has become a growing recreation market.  Whether it is a quiet boutique type hotel, a destination resort, or a day trip to a casino, Sophie Grace stands ready to make that hotel/spa, or destination hotel/resort, or hotel/casino a reality.  To learn how the design and build teams at Sophie Grace can bring your dream facility from concept to reality contact us today.



With the rapid growth of the industrial market especially in the warehouse/fulfilment center market, the industrial market is growing rapidly.  The speedy design and construction of industrial properties is imperative to the developer to insure  they get their property on the market in a timely manner.  With the clock running on the development/construction money, getting a design approved, under construction and being able to give potential lessees a firm completion date is critical to winning new business in today’s highly competitive market.  We can also provide services such as Life Safety Review to assure your facility meets current OSHA and NFPA Life Safety 101 code standards, and arc flash and lockout/tagout programs. to ensure the safety of your employees.

Our infrastructure expertise includes the following:


Highway & Interstate

Subway & Light Rail Transits

Roads & Bridges

Widening & Overpass Improvements



We have over 40 years experience in this market including the development of a proprietary system to reduce snow accumulation, and the icing up of bridges and overpasses from snow, freezing rain, sleet, and the refreezing of melting snow when the temperature drops below freezing.  



Chemical plants run on piping systems moving materials and product throughout the plant and power generating systems to keep the products flowing through the system from raw material introduction and product creation to the fill line, capping, labeling, packaging, palletizing, and ultimately shipping.  Sophie Grace specializes in designing piping systems and power systems including back up power systems to ensure there is no down time due to an unexpected power failure.  considering a new plant, or upgrading your current facility contact us to learn how we can bring the latest technology in chemical plant design to your next project.

Sophie Grace has significant experience the design and development of natural gas-fired power plants, generating stations, grate-fired biomass

A natural gas-fired power plants,  Generating Station  grate-fired biomass power plants, the use of solar and wind power on a single project to bring it to a net energy user,  geothermal heating and cooling, and other alternative energy sources.  



Retail/Office/ Residential Mixed Use Low Rise to High Rise

With more development taking place in center cities, millennials preferring to rent than purchase,  and the need for housing close in to jobs and entertainment the need for housing has grown significantly in the last several years.  With shrinking property sites available for single family housing the market has concentrated on the medium rise and high rise apartment and condo market.